Russell Banks

Russell Banks (born March 28, 1940) is an American writer of fiction and poetry. As a novelist, Banks is best known for his detailed accounts of domestic strife and the daily struggles of ordinary often-marginalized characters. His stories usually revolve around his own childhood experiences, and often reflect moral themes and personal relationships. Banks is a member of the International Parliament of Writers and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Lost memory of skin

Russell Banks - Publisher : Quartet Books

Publisher presentation:Uncompromising and complex, Lost Memory of Skin is the story of The Kid, a young sex offender recently released from prison and forced to live beneath a South Florida causeway. When The Professor, a man of enormous intellect and appetite, takes The Kid under his wing, his own startling past will cause upheavals in both of their worlds. At once lyrical, witty, and disturbing,...
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To not die of boredom


To my friends

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The Darling

Russell Banks - Publisher : HarperCollins 

Publisher presentation: The Darling is Hannah Musgrave's story, told emotionally and convincingly years later by Hannah herself. A political radical and member of the Weather Underground, Hannah has fled America to West Africa, where she and her Liberian husband become friends and colleagues of Charles Taylor, the notorious warlord and now ex-president of Liberia. When Taylor leaves for the United...
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For the week-ends


To my sister or brother

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