Farewell, My Lovely

Raymond Chandler

Publisher :Vintage Books

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Private detective Philip Marlowe is investigating a dead-end missing person case when he sees a felon, Moose Malloy, barging into a nightclub called Florian's looking for his ex-girlfriend Velma Valento. The club has changed owners, so no one now there knows her. Malloy ends up killing the black owner of the club and escaping. The murder case is assigned to Lt. Nulty, a Los Angeles Police detective who has no interest in the murder of a black man. Marlowe advises Nulty to look for Malloy's girlfriend, but Nulty prefers to let Marlowe do the routine leg work and rely on finding Malloy based on his huge size and loud clothes. Marlowe decides to follow up and look for the girl.

To not die of boredom


To my acquaintances

enough easy to read

Great classic

Less than 10$

A few hours



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