Poet in New-York

Federico García Lorca

Publisher :Grove Press

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Publisher presentation:Federico García Lorca arrived in New York on the 24th of June 1929 and stayed there until the 4th of March 1930. He wanted to leave behind him a suffocating life and found the oppression of mechanization, the metallic barbarity of the crowd’s unawareness. Thus, he let his subconscious get into Pandora's Box and wrote a surrealistic book on a world turning mad. His personal fight to reach humanity mirrored the death drives of a multitude heading towards the apocalypse of World War II. The readers may be disconcerted by the strange images created by Lorca in this book, but behind the adamant oddity, there is always the stubborn lucidity of a conscious mind that wants to survive in spite of the vertiginous fall of what we cannot call civilization.

Between two things to do


To my parents in-law

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Great classic

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