The project

“My salvation was reading, reading good books, taking refuge in those worlds where life was glorious, intense, one adventure after another, where I could feel free and be happy again.”

Mario Vargas Llosa - In Praise of Reading and Fiction


Love for livres is the first social network of books through emotions. Or emotions through books. 

We are a "TechforGood" social enterprise whose mission is to share the emotions of reading to create social transformation and positive impact in society, for individuals and groups.

Based on neurocognitive and behavioral approaches and research around emotions (via the KEI - Key Emotion Indicator©, a methodology to measure reading emotions’ intensity, Love for Livres relies on three innovative tools:

1.Its digital platform to find and share books based on emotions (

2.The Emotions© library, a variation of the IRL digital platform.



We believe that books have power and sciences show how they can improve our relationships with others and create social bonds, help us feel better and strengthen our cognitive abilities. 

We believe that reading a book can change our lives.

We want to share and empower readers around the world by approaching books in a different way, through our common humanity: our emotions. 


👉 For more information on the project, Rv on the website menu. 

Each year, Love for Books commits to donate a portion of its revenue to

Libraries Without Borders, a wonderful association that brings knowledge to those who are deprived of it.



Read for a better life, read for a better world


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