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Pierre Michon

Pierre Michon (born 28 March 1945, Châtelus-le-Marcheix, Creuse) is a French writer. His first novel, Small lives (1984), is widely regarded as a genuine masterpiece in contemporary French literature. He has won several prizes for Small lives and for The Origin of the World (1996) as well as for his body of work. His novels and stories have been translated into German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Polish, Serbian, Czech, Norwegian and English.

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Small Lives

Pierre Michon - Publisher : Serpent's Tail

Publisher presentation: Pierre Michon’s first novel, won the Prix France Culture. Michon explains that he wrote it to save my own skin. I felt in my body that my life was turning around. This book born in an aura of inexpressible joy and catharsis rescued me more effectively than my aborted analysis. Le Monde calls it his chef d’oeuvre. A bolt of lightening. In Small Lives, Michon paints...
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