Where do emotions come from?

They come from you!

Our algorithm depends on your choices, on what you decide.

Because reading is a human activity before all.


What does the face next to books stand for?

The face stands for the KEI, that is to say the Key emotion indicator.

It enables you to know if the book has been evaluated as emotionally intense

by the members of the Love for Livres community.

The KEI a patented method.


Do I have to pay to access?

The access is totally free.

Because reading should be everywhere for everyone and should not depend on financial means.  


Where do the books come from? 

Emotional search is based on our books work-in-progress database which is constantly refreshed.

It is made of published books by French and English/American publishers.

This base will be enriched over time.

If your favorite book is not in our emotions ‘database, you may search in the extended database

and ask us to add it for you.  


What can I do with the readlists?

You can build readlists of your dreams to be shared

with your friends on the platform or on social networks.


How do recommendations work?  

They are based on your tastes and on the emotions you search for the most.

The more you use the platform, the more they will be customized to your needs.

So feel very welcome!    


Are magazine articles sponsored?

No, they are the analyses, opinions and crushes from our independant team.

If we publish a sponsored article, we will mention it.

Do you give access private data?

No. It is both a legal issue and a matter of respect.

You will find all information on this topic

in the personal data & cookies section in our terms & conditions.   


How can I unsubscribe?

You can freely subscribe and unsubscribe.

Just go to my settings section in my account.  

And if things get too complex, we are always here for you: contact@loveforlivres.com

Read for a better life, read for a better world


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