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Tous les hommes en sont fous de Jean d'Ormesson
JC Lattès


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Publisher's presentation : 

They are unbelievable, said Carlos.
- Who are you talking about?
- The four O'Shaughnessy sisters, of course. Unbelievable.
- Let's not exaggerate, I said. All this little world is exactly as it should be when you have money, a castle in Scotland, Russian and Irish blood, Verdi among your ancestors and the looks we know.
- So it is their caste that is unbearable, their family, their way of being, their milieu, as they say. Everyone here, even her own father, wonders why Pandora chose this boy and what bug has bitten her. And her sister Vanessa: in love with a Nazi! I think Atalanta is already lost, too. She is going to marry a foolish duke or a very rich banker or maybe both. Cumulation is not forbidden. Only little Jessica can still be saved. Why, why should we be interested in these people?
- They are the most beautiful, I said, laughing. At least you have to admit that they are beautiful and that, for some reason, you feel quite comfortable with them. Nothing could be more unfair, I know. But what can you do! All men are crazy about them.


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