Our values and our impact

Our values drive our actions. They will never be taken for granted. 


We are not perfect but every day we try to implement what inspires us in life:
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Respect for others, for ourselves.

Openness: diversity, creativity, surprise, what is out of the box.

Rigor: nothing great can be done without it.

Passion: do things well, to give it our all. If not, nothing.


The impact we aim to have is to make people want to read for a better life and a better world. 

Our programs and actions cover three main objectives:

1/ To make people discover reading and the pleasure of it, differently, from another angle; to make books more desirable!

2/ Accompany as many people as possible in the world 

3/ To make the lives of these people evolve positively thanks to books and emotions 

We are also very mobilized to bring reading to people who are far from it and facilitate their access to various texts. 

Each of our actions and programs includes analysis before the start and a post-ante impact measurement involving evaluation experts and researchers. These protocols ensure increasing impact as we are always looking for progress. 


For more data on our impact, contact us:



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