The prisoner of Heaven

Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Publisher :HarperCollins 

Key Emotion Indicator

Daniel Sempere has settled into married life well and his son is shortly turning one year old. He is living above the family bookshop, Sempere & Sons with his elderly father, his wife Beatriz and son Julian. Though business has declined further in recent years Fermin still finds a place at the bookshop and continues to source rare books while bringing a smile to the faces of the customers.One day a mysterious man arrives and asks about a rare and expensive copy of The Count of Monte Cristo that's kept in a display case behind the counter. He purchases the book from Don Sempere Snr and writes an inscription on the cover page:For Fermin Romero de Torres, who came back from among the dead and holds the key to the future.The book is left as a gift for Fermin. When Fermin returns to the bookshop later that and is upset by the gift that's been left for him.It's revealed that Fermin was in prison 20 years earlier with the mysterious stranger as well as David Martin (the protagonist of Zafon's second novel The Angel's Game). While in prison Fermin, inspired by the story of The Count of Monte Cristo, escapes by taking the place of a dead cell mate, stealing a diamond from the stranger.

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