Innovative individual or collective training or support programs adapted to the needs of your structure.

What is bibliotherapy?

Originally, biblio-therapy is the use of books to take care of oneself and create well-being. During the 1st World War, the military hospital of Alabama used books to relieve the post-traumatic disorders of the soldiers returning from the combats thanks to the commitment of the bookseller Sadie Peterson Delaney. Today, Love for Livres uses bibliotherapy to help everyone grow personally and professionally through workshops.

How does a bibliotherapy workshop take place?
Solo or collective workshop (max 20 people) around a specific theme, from 1h to 3h depending on the objectives, live or online.

Our skills to work with you

A team with skills in literature and cognitive science

Successful projects within a variety of structures: Erasmus +, Chanel, Créteil library and many others.

Personalized workshops for your audiences according to their needs.

A space for open and caring exchanges.

Tools adaptable to all types of spaces.

Discover the themes of our workshops for adults

Daily life and live better

Better control your emotions
Manage stress, find sources of energy and well-being
Facing uncertainty
Assert yourself, develop your self-confidence and assertiveness

Aging well: taking care of yourself, welcoming changes, knowing how to help your elders
Develop resilience in times of hardship
Living and dying: our relationship to mourning
Cognitive focus: developing attention and memory


Parenthood: being parents, a whole story
Family: building peaceful relationships, knowing how to listen to each other


Be more successful in your professional life, find more meaning at work, find the job of your dreams
Speaking in public, learning to communicate better
Improve your sense of priorities and your organization
Know how to team up

Develop your productivity
Know how to say no and manage conflicts
Stop procrastinating
Preventing burnout, recovering from burnout


Ecology and societal issues: facing new challenges, managing anxiety
Commit to a better world
Emancipate yourself from your social condition, fight against determinisms
Traveling through other cultures


Continue to read regularly with pleasure

Discover the themes of our workshops for children

In part, inspired by the WHO Classification of Psychosocial Skills (CPS):
Cognitive skills, emotional skills, social skills

Find self-confidence, assertiveness
Know how to say no
Know your emotions regularly and manage your stress
Develop your empathy

What is a standard? What does it mean to be different?
Maintain positive relationships with others
Nurturing critical thinking and imagination
Learn to communicate better

Nurturing critical thinking and imagination
Develop resilience in times of hardship
Project yourself into the future, find your path/place
Cultivate a taste for reading and the pleasure of reading, avoid dropping out, discover books that change your life

Take action against discrimination and harassment (Teens)
Travel in the world

Businesses, individuals, professionals, everyone has their own solution!

Topaz, bibliotherapy programs for individuals

Each program is a journey made up of new content adapted to the theme that is close to your heart and that you wish to develop. They are suitable for all ages and all audiences, and can be followed at your own pace.

Love for Livres Academy, training for professionals

Our Academy shares the foundations, innovative learning and practical advice we've acquired through nearly 200 bibliotherapy workshops in 7 European countries. Are you a coach, cultural mediator, teacher, caregiver, HR manager or simply curious? Would you like to enrich your professional practice? Use books to support well-being and mental health? Offer an innovative tool for developing soft skills? This course is for you.


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