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You are a reader, confirmed or curious

1/ Love for Livres allows you to:  

- have access to strong emotions through thousands of books

- share your reading emotions

- build your dream readlists and share them (via your account)

- discover your emotional profile as a reader (via your account)


2/ We also offer personalized programs of support and care through books. 

Co-produced with experts, based on neuroscience and our research on emotion, enriched by our passion for books and fiction. Each program is a pathway composed of original content adapted to the theme that is important to you and that you wish to develop. No pressure, each program can be followed at your own pace. No need to be an expert in the field, our content is accessible to all. 

At the end of a program, you have : 

...found meaning and new answers to questions or life goals 

...gained serenity and confidence in yourself

...taken care of your brain and your sleep

...overcome a taboo, unblock a complicated situation

...(re)found the taste for reading fiction, poetry, theater

and took some good time for yourself!
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To start, click here:


3/ You want to create a warm, playful and unique library in your home? This is the place!


We offer Libraries that will feed you with emotions throughout the year: the libraries of emotions. 
Created by Love for Books, there are libraries in which books are presented according to the emotions they create. 

They are available either in full size (photo on the left), or in a kit that can be adapted to your bookcase (photo on the right). 

Their main objective is to turn the library from an intimidating space into a fun and bonding experience! They bring serenity, give a cultural dimension, stimulate reading and make spaces warmer. 

We can suggest books to furnish them or you can organize them with your current and future books.

Children's room, office, living room, hallway: the library of emotions will never go unnoticed!


4/ Finally, we train to bibliotherapy for yourself or your loved ones. 

You are librarian, coach, teacher or simply reader?

Our module includes :

- one day in person or remotely (spread over two half-days if you wish)

- half-day follow-up 6 months later

- your notebook with exercices and all the training contents with a specific online dashboard. 

These modules allow us to acquire the essentials of the approach, to test exercises and scenarios, to experience challenges and to take the time to read.The pedagogical basis is based on books and cognitive sciences as well as our expertise in the field of emotions. 

For tailored content and duration (for example, initiation = 3h or In-depth training = 2 days), please contact us. 

With this training, you will (re)experience great emotions with your loved ones, including children! 


Prices on demand:



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