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We offer three services for impact, well-being and engagement of your audiences. 


1/ The library of emotions (physical)

Created by Love for Livres, there are libraries in which books are presented according to the emotions they foster. 
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They are available either in full size (photo on the left), or in a kit that can be adapted to your bookcase (photo on the right). 

Their main objective is to turn the library from an intimidating space into a fun and bonding experience! They bring serenity, give a cultural dimension, stimulate reading and make spaces warmer. 

The catalog of books responds to the issue of your sector, geography and demography and of its inhabitants.


2/ The library of emotions (digital)

Based on the Love for Livres website model, we build a digital Library of emotions tailored to your needs and objectives, branding to your design. 

Here is an example of a library partner of a European project: Espace Carème

Emotional indexing of your catalog is possible, especially for libraries and media libraries. 

We can also enrich your search engine with an emotional dimension.  


3/ Support programs through books (bibliotherapy)

These programs are unique, whether workshops and/or individual courses, and enable you to achieve several types of objectives:
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Improving relationships with others

Undo tensions - Encourage collaboration - Mobilize and engage

Helping people feel better and take care of their mental health

To give meaning - To bring new answers - To gain serenity - To fight against stress

Strengthen cognitive abilities

Stimulate attention and concentration - Develop memory - Nourish creativity and imagination - Project yourself into a better future - Manage your emotions

And share a good time while the crisis is here and times are harsh for citizens. 

The programs are also inspired by the work of our platform of bibliotherapy for the general public: TOPAZ

Typical workshop schedule :

-1h30 to 2h / 10 to 20 participants on average

- In live, also possible remotely / No particular material

- Nothing to prepare beforehand for the participants - They leave with a kit that contains the materials for the session, a readlist of inspiring books and a series of exercises/games from neuroscience and positive psychology

- During the program, participants have access to his/her emotional profile and evolution through an online scorecard and dashboard as well as exclusive ressources. Surveys enable to track progress and tailor contents. 


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